"In-A-Box' Solutions

Fabric air ducting fits and ships in one box

AIRMAX Has No-Hassle DIY Ducting Solutions

The Airmax fabric ducting system is perfect for any "DIY" building and facility needs. Contractors and HVAC building crews can take advantage of the "In-a-Box" ducting solution to save on installation costs without sacrificing quality.

"Install It Yourself" System

It's easy to order fabric ducting from AIRMAX. Tell us what size and length of fabric ducting you need by calling or filling out our contact form. The complete fabric ducting system is shipped to you; typically in only one box. A lightweight suspension system used for hanging and suspending the ducting is included.

Easy Installation and Receiving:

  • Two men can install in a few days
  • Complete system can be installed by one person if needed
  • Easily installs over equipment & confined areas
  • Ships in one box

If you don't want the fabric ducting "install it yourself" system, we also offer professional, customized systems and installation.


Contact us for an "Install It Yourself" Consult

AIRMAX Fabric Ducting and Industrial Air Ventilation Systems
"Install It Yourself" Solutions for Commercial Facilities, Buildings and Industry



AIRMAX specializes in industrial air quality and ventilation distribution systems. Our fabric ducting and ventilation systems can solve your facility's special indoor environmental needs. Custom designed and installed or "In a Box" install it yourself solutions.