What's Happening At AIRMAX?

Democratic National Convention maintains its cool with AIRMAX

Thanks to Airmax International Inc., the Democratic National Convention will maintain its cool.

The City of Boston Fire Marshall rejected the air distribution ducting that had just been installed on the new air conditioning units. It did not meet the strict fire retardant specifications that are now required. With only days remaining before the convention opens its doors, all of the air distribution ducting needed to be replaced.

On Thursday, Margo Balon, the office manager at Airmax received a call asking if their fabric ducting product could meet the strict specifications. She said that it could. The answer to the next question required a little more thought. "If we give you a purchase order on Friday can we pick up 1 1/2 miles of ducting Monday morning?"

Jack Balon, the president of Airmax had just left customers in VA and NC and was on his way to the airport when his cell phone rang. "Margo had already arranged production when she called me. When I returned to the office on Friday, there was a flurry of phone calls and faxes. By the end of the day we had a purchase order and 1 1/2 miles of fabric ducting ready for pick up on Monday morning," Jack disclosed.

It didn't require 5-6 trailer trucks to bring it to Boston -- it all fit into a pickup truck. Airmax ducting is a light weight fabric ducting that folds up into a small package for ease of shipping and installation. When Jack was asked if this was their largest single order, he replied that there were many factories such as Mercedes Benz, Master Brand Cabinets, AO Smith Company, Staples Distribution Centers, and others that have a mile or more of fabric ducting. This was, however, the fastest turn around of that much product.

Airmax International Inc. has a manufacturing facility in Derry, NH. For the past 27 years they have specialized in ventilation systems for factories and warehouses to make them cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and dramatically improve their air quality. You have probably also seen Airmax systems in automobile service areas, body shops, gymnasiums, swimming pools, machine shops, the NFL, and a host of other applications.

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Fire Retardant Ducting and Fast Turnaround Saves the DNC in Boston



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