Simple! Comfortable employees are happy employees and lower heating and cooling bills mean happy owners.

Does your facility need the AIRMAX system?
Yes! Almost every building suffers from negative pressure which is created by exhaust fans. This negative pressure has very expensive consequences and also makes for a less comfortable work environment:

  • Heated air is vented by Roof Fans.
  • Temperature stratification causes Hot and Cold Spots.
  • Windows are Drafty.
  • Dust and fume issues are exacerbated
    and much more...
Did you know that facilities with negative pressure are also losing almost 90% clean and/or treated air through roof fan exhaust systems?

Conventional HVAC systems are inefficient at controlling air distribution. The AIRMAX ventilation system, with its flexible ducting, distributes air evenly throughout the building giving you much greater control of air distribution. So, by using the basic principles of air pressure and the physical laws of nature, air distribution and control are easily solved by AIRMAX.

So, why AIRMAX?

  • It saves you money
  • It's inexpensive and easy to install
  • It will save you huge amounts of money — payback of two years or less are common.

Your people will be breathing easier and working better. Employees have been known to give management a round of applause once the AIRMAX ventilation system is installed!

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