AIRMAX Summer Cooling Solutions

Summer Cooling Problems

  1. Open doors and bays suck in warm air from outside, mixing with colder air settled on floor level. Air conditioning cannot be balanced properly.
  2. Air conditioning thermostat is turned down to compensate for incoming warm air causing a rise in electric costs. Stagnant air pockets develop.
  3. Burner and oven efficiency drops. Burner units corrode and process fumes settle in work areas.

Summer Cooling Solutions

Big energy saver for warehouses, gyms, stadiums... any facility with high ceilings.

  • AIRMAX duct is suspended low to get air to employees and/or spectators.
  • Air is directed downward to provide circulation to cool building occupants.
  • Hot air generated from machinery, lighting, etc. is forced up and out the roof.
  • AIRMAX ducts connect to fan units for exhaust or intake.

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