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AIRMAX's unique fabric ducting material provides low-cost, lightweight ducting systems for air distribution and HVAC applications.

HVAC Contractors can earn more bids and save their customers $$$$ with the use of these flexible, lightweight, fire retardant polyolefin ducts. AIRMAX fabric ducting can be used to distribute cool a/c air directly at employees and work areas. It can be used in conjunction with air conditioners, dust collectors, blowers- anywhere air needs to be distributed.

Painted Hoods Available

Painted Hoods

Hoods can be painted to match building, preserving architectural integrity.

Typically Air is Blown Upwards for Winter and Down for Summer Applications

Painted Hoods

AIRMAX fabric ducting blows air upwards to mix with hot air trapped in ceiling and forces warm air downward for employee comfort.

Here's how AIRMAX works in a typical winter application in a facility with fume, stratification, negative pressure, draft & stagnation problems:

  1. Fumes are exhausted at the floor level.
  2. Cool make-up air is brought in at ceiling height and dispersed evenly over a long path through holes punched in the tube at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. (Engineering results determine number of holes, size and exact locations.) More air is brought in than is exhausted, creating a slight positive pressure.

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