AIRMAX Fabric Custom Systems

The Airmax system is specifically designed for your application. The exact length of the ducting runs, the size and placement of the air discharge ports are all engineered to maximize the effect of the Airmax installation. Airmax will make a field visit to gather all the pertinent information to design and fabricate a system specifically for your building. Every unit is designed to work in concert with the other units to maximize the heat recovery in all of the manufacturing & warehouse areas.

AIRMAX air-distribution ducting conforms to any configuration to accommodate any facility: large or small.

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Air Quality Problems

  1. Dust sticks to automobiles and/or equipment when moved between prep station and the paint booth.
  2. Excessive concrete dust clogs machinery and is ingested into workers’ lungs.
  3. Fumes linger where solvents and other chemicals are used.
Air Quality Filtration

Air Current Problems

  1. Exhausted air creates a vacuum making it difficult to open doors when trying to enter room.
  2. Exhausted air being replaced by makeup air creates a wind tunnel effect.
  3. Stagnant air holds odors, dust, and other microscopic particles allowing them to settle on equipment. An oil-mist haze develops around machinery.
Air Current Problems

Winter Heating Problems

  1. Warm air settles under ceiling forcing down colder air making work areas drafty and cold.
  2. Heat consumption rises as workers turn up the thermostat to try to get warmer.
  3. Open doors and bays cause cold air to be sucked into the main work area forcing any warm air available up to the ceiling.
Winter Heating Problems

Summer Cooling Problems

  1. Open doors and bays suck in warm air from outside, mixing with colder air settled on floor level. Air conditioning cannot be balanced properly.
  2. Air conditioning thermostat is turned down to compensate for incoming warm air causing a rise in electric costs. Stagnant air pockets develop.
  3. Burner and oven efficiency drops. Burner units corrode and process fumes settle in work areas.
Summer Cooling Solutions

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