AIRMAX Air Current Solutions

Air Current Problems

  1. Exhausted air creates a vacuum making it difficult to open doors when trying to enter room.
  2. Exhausted air being replaced by makeup air creates a wind tunnel effect.
  3. Stagnant air holds odors, dust, and other microscopic particles allowing them to settle on equipment. An oil-mist haze develops around machinery.

Air Current Solutions

AIRMAX ducting distributes air evenly, providing efficient heating and venting.

  • Ideal for shipping areas where doors open and close all day long.
  • Positive air pressure slows down in-coming air from outside saving money on energy bills.
  • Excellent choice for paint shops, chemical plants, anywhere that needs to exhaust fumes.
  • AIRMAX air distribution quickly replaces exhausted air to prevent negative air pressure.
  • Prevents doors slamming or sticking because of high velocity wind currents caused by negative air pressure.

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