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Solar Manufacturer and Airmax International
Taking Green to the Extreme

A world renowned manufacturer of solar mirrors used in the generation of electricity that runs entire cities has chosen Airmax International to provide ventilation for their new manufacturing facility in Clinton, PA.

Airmax International is famous worldwide for its HUGE energy saving systems.

Both Green Companies have teamed up to capture the waste heat generated in manufacturing. Airmax systems utilize the waste heat to pre-heat over 300,000cfm of unheated makeup air delivered through famous Airmax air distribution fabric ducting.

The solar manufacturer saves Huge energy dollars by not having to heat the 300,000cfm of makeup air. At the same time the heat is evenly distributed throughout the 190,000 sq. ft x 35' high facility.

Cold drafts are eliminated at floor level and the manufacturing area is heated with free waste heat. Airmax systems also dump to the outside unwanted production exhaust.

Summer time cooling is provided with the same Airmax system. Airmax not only helps to keep temperatures that can potentially exceed 120 degrees under control, but temperatures now run as much as 40 degrees cooler. There is no air conditioning expense.

This manufacturer & AIRMAX INTERNATIONAL are continuing to go GREEN with Phase II construction. Two companies that are determined to make their GREEN come true.

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