AIRMAX solves your facility's unique air quality and ventilation problems.

It is not uncommon for a large building or facility to experience air imbalances, temperature fluctuations and/or pressurization. These issues may occur more frequently in older buildings.

Air quality, air distribution and dispersion problems in larger buildings and facilities can be created and intensified by negative pressure inside the building. There may also be problems of uncontrolled air migration, dust and particulates and improper circulation that makes a facility uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Control of air pressure and air circulation is accomplished with our light-weight polyolefin flexible fabric ducts. Our fabric ducting requires no maintenance, and is easier to install and far less expensive than conventional metal HVAC ventilation systems.

To solve these issues and negative impacts, your facility may need a make up air system, positive pressure or just a better heat recovery ventilation system.

AIRMAX specializes in industrial ventilation and air distribution systems that we custom engineer, manufacture and install. Once installed, your facility environment problems will be solved.

AIRMAX AirGROW anti-fungal fabric ducting solutions for grow rooms gives your plants the right amount of moving and circulating fresh air. These elements are needed for healthy plant growth, robust plant strength and proper exchange of gases.

AIRMAX systems also provide an additional benefit: budget friendly products and installation costs along with savings and reduction in energy costs.

Clean Air. Clean Equipment. Clean Production and Products. Lower Heating and Cooling Costs. Comfortable Employees.

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AIRMAX AirGROW fabric air ducting is the right choice for your growroom
AIRMAX fabric air ducting is the right choice for your facility
AIRMAX fabric air ducting is the right choice for your facility

Where are AIRMAX fabric ducting and air ventilation systems installed?

We design a complete air distribution system solution for the environment and air problem itself and also for your specific facility. Many companies simply treat the building and environment symptoms without addressing the full scope of the issue. This is not a positive longterm solution that will hold up for years to come.

When treating the problem, AIRMAX analyzes the effect that the solution will have on your total facility. Our fabric ducting, ventilation and air filtration systems are ideal systems for many different types of buildings and industries including:

Automobile repair and body shops

Manufacturing plants


Buildings with high or open ceilings

Sports venues

School gymnasiums

Health clubs

Entertainment and exhibition arenas

Retail buildings

Food services

Waterparks or indoor pools

Clean rooms and medical facilities


AIRMAX Fabric Ducting - The solution to industrial air quality, distribution and ventilation problems

AIRMAX has solved serious air and ventilation problems in hundreds of large and small facilities. We have helped businesses save on facility costs while increasing employee comfort for a better work environment and higher productivity. AIRMAX can clear up a variety of facility issues shown below that may be a problem for your company.



Remove fumes for environmental and employee safety and comfort.



Get rid of particulates that harm production and air quality.



Recover heat that dissipates for lower energy costs and employee comfort.



A dry environment in your facility that helps keep equipment running longer.



Eliminate air pockets and differing core temperatures - gain even temperatures.



Change the facility's air current patterns to work for your budget and comfort.



Goodbye dust drafts that contaminate products and production.



Maintaining consistent temperatures will alleviate hot & cold spots to save energy.

poor- building-cooling-problems


Solve air conditioning balancing problems and keep cooling summer.


With decades of proven, tested design and installation experience, AIRMAX is proud to continually receive positive feedback and praise from our customers. Read just a sample of what our customers have to say about AIRMAX and the fabric duct and ventilation systems we install.

"Two other benefits we have realized, but had not anticipated, are the near elimination of accumulated dust within the warehouse areas and the reduction of employee sick days. I believe that the reduction in dust levels has reduced allergy symptoms experienced by some employees. Additionally, the uniform temperature within the facility seems to have helped to reduce the incidents of employee illness and fatigue."

- J.J.L., Sr/ Operations Manager

"The results have been more than what we were expecting. The cooling effect of supplying the overnight air into the building has been extremely successful for us in managing the summer heat. Although by late afternoon the building does warm up, we often are still cooler than the outside temperature. Because our internal filtration is circulating the air from the top of the building to the floor we keep the humidity at a much more manageable level." Read the full recommendation

- John Mantey Director of Operations, Marimba Auto, LLC

"I have found AIRMAX to provide high-quality units at reasonable prices. They met their deadlines and were forthcoming with adjustments and corrections as necessary, as well as being extremely responsive to my 'special' requests. In our high bay space, the AIRMAX units have helped us bring the hot air back down to the actual work area, and we were able to save $43,000 in natural gas expenses from the previous year." Read the full recommendation.

- A.G. Commercial Property Manager, Brady Sullivan Properties

Contact us to learn how AIRMAX air distribution and ventilation systems can correct your facility's air quality and distribution problems.

AIRMAX Fabric Ducting, Air Distribution and Industrial Ventilation Systems
for a Healthy and Energy Efficient Environment



AIRMAX specializes in industrial air quality and ventilation distribution systems. Our fabric ducting and ventilation systems can solve your facility's special indoor environmental needs. Custom designed and installed or "In a Box" install it yourself solutions.