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AIRMAX Solutions for Industrial Facility Summer Cooling

The summertime may be particularly uncomfortable for employees in industrial, manufacturing or other types of large facilities if the cooling system is inadequate. Energy consumption and costs may rise during the summer as the cooling system struggles to cool the building.


Facility Problems With Summer Building Cooling

There are many problems with trying to cool a building in the summertime:

  • Uneven air flow causes stratification and differing core temperatures.
  • Air conditioning cannot be balanced properly.
  • Constant need to turn down the air conditioning to compensate for incoming warm air.
  • Stagnant air pockets may develop due to imbalance of air temperatures.
  • Warm air that is sucked into the facility due to open doors and bays mixes with cold air that has settled on floor level.


AIRMAX Has Industrial Summer Cooling Solutions

The fabric ducting system designed and installed by AIRMAX is a cost effective and energy efficient solution to summer facility temperature problems. The benefits and improvements of the AIRMAX system include:

  • AIRMAX duct is suspended low to get air to employees and/or spectators.
  • Air is directed downward to provide circulation to cool down the building and its occupants.
  • Hot air generated from machinery, lighting, etc. is forced up and out the roof.
  • AIRMAX ducts connect to fan units for exhaust or intake
  • Energy costs and consumption will moderate as employees will more comfortable.

AIRMAX fabric ducting will cool your facility better than traditional metal HVAC equipment.

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