AIRMAX AirGrow Solves Common Cannabis Growing Issues


Introducing AIRMAX AirGrow Filtration System

Controlling Temperature, Ventilation and Humidity in the Grow House

One of the most difficult things about growing cannabis in a grow house is keeping the air healthy and circulating as well as keeping the temperature and humidity steady.

The AIRMAX AirGrow Filtration System combined with our anti-fungal fabric ducting system will allow you to control the temperature, ventiliation and humidity in your grow house. Controlling these problematic issues will help decrease or even eliminate common growing problems that cannabis plants are susceptible to.

Common Issues Growing Cannabis that can be solved with AIRMAX AirGrow Filtration Systems

Bud Rot

Sometimes the first sign of bud rot is just a few leaves on the buds turning yellow. The bud is rotting at the base of these leaves.

SOLUTION: Air circulation – you need to constantly reduce the amount of hot humid air and replace the grow space with fresh homogenized filtered air. It’s important to make sure there’s always plenty of air moving over all the buds and leaves, and through the plant. AIRMAX AirGrow anti-fungal ducting can help with this. It’s also important to not let the humidity get too high. Combine the anti-fungal ducting with the AIRMAX AirGrow Filters for best control of humidity.


Boron Deficiency

When cannabis plants are over or under-watered, a boron deficiency can happen. The first signs are abnormal or thick growth tips along with brown or yellow spotting on new leaves.

SOLUTION: Along with providing good nutrients for your soil and adjusting the pH to the correct range, controlling the moisture so the plants receive enough water but not too much water can correct the problem. AIRMAX AirGrow filtration systems can help keep the grow house moisture at the optimum level for systematic watering.


Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats need wet topsoil conditions to grow and thrive. The most common reason growers get fungus gnats is overwatering the plants. Overwatering may also affect the moisture and humidity levels within the grow house, leading to other issues that could impcat healthy growth of cannabis plants.

SOLUTION: AIRMAX doesn’t have equipment to keep you from overwatering your plants but controlling the overall humidity in the grow house with the AIRMAX AirGrow will go a long way to preventing this serious problem.


Heat Stress

Cannabis plants are very sensitive to heat and light. These plants can only withstand a certain amount of heat and light before they will start exhibiting signs of stress on the leaves or near the heat/light source.

SOLUTION: The AIRMAX AirGrow along with AIRMAX anti-fungal ducting can ensure that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the grow house to maintain the optimal growth temperature.



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