AIRMAX Air Current and Air Flow Solutions

Control air flow and fix stagnant air, wind tunnel and air vacuum problems in any building or facility.

AIRMAX Air Current and Air Flow Solutions

Buildings and facilities of all sizes can experience air flow and air current problems. These problems can affect the way heat is distributed, create air vacuums and wind tunnels and poor air flow can also keep old, stagnant air hanging around and over employees, products and equipment. For over 30 years, AIRMAX has been providing solutions to these problems.

Air Current Problems

When a building has compromised or poor air flow, this is what happens:

  • Exhausted air creates a vacuum making it difficult to open doors when trying to enter a room.
  • Wind tunnel effects may be created when exhausted air is being replaced by makeup air.
  • Air that is stagnant hold odors, dust and microscopic particles that will settle on equipment.
  • Employees breathe stagnant air and all that that air may be holding.
  • An oil-mist haze develops around machinery.

Air Flow and Current Solutions

The AIRMAX fabric ducting system is the answer to fixing air current and air flow problems. Fabric ducting distributes air evenly, providing efficient heating, venting and flow. Once these issues are fixed, air problems will also be solved. When you install an AIRMAX ducting system, the building and facility will see the following benefits:

  • Shipping areas where doors open and close all day long will no longer suffer hot/cold fluctuations.
  • Door will stop slamming or sticking because high velocity wind currents caused by negative air pressure will be gone.
  • Positive air pressure slows down in-coming air from the outside, saving money on energy bills
  • AIRMAX air distribution quickly replaces exhausted air to prevent negative air pressure.
  • Stagnant, dust, particulate and fume filled air will be a thing of the past.

Our AIRMAX Ducting is suitable to correct air current and air flow problems in a variety of applications. Warehouses, sports complexes, and other large facilities that suffer from flow and current issues. Contact us today and speak to one our experts about creating a solution tailored to you.

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