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Marimba Auto
We began working with AIRMAX in March of 2011. Their proposal addressed our need for exhaust, make-up air and filtration within the building. Although the system was unusual in its construction, using flexible tubing that inflated for ducting the air, the engineering suggested that the application of this product would fit nicely into our facility and meet our requirements for air exchange and filtration. The cost and delivery was very competitive compared to a fixed sheet metal ducted system. We required a very short turnaround time from purchase order to completed installation since we were trying to utilize the system for the beginning of summer in June 2011. Read Full Recommendation.

J.M, Director of Operations

Atlantic Material Handling Equipment, Inc.
"Just a brief few words to let you know how pleased we are with our AIRMAX heat recovery unit. Prior to its installation we were spending in excess of $6000 per heating season to warm our building. The unit has cut this cost in half -- much to the delight of all concerned.

"We would be happy to recommend its use to any potential customer who might have any doubts about its cost effectiveness or payback potential."

P.O., General Manager

Boston Port Services, Inc.
"Since your installation of the AIRMAX system, we at Boston Port Services have found a remarkable and very definitive difference in the efficiency of heat distribution. In addition to that efficiency, your system to better control and distribute the air flow, has rid our employees of the obnoxious fumes that had curtailed production efficiency and volume.

"What you initially presented on paper as a mere concept and theoretical viewpoint, is now a reality. When the reality proves to be successful and accomplishes its goals and objectives; then the time, effort and expense are well worth it.

"It's a pleasure to have done business with you. Thanking you for your cooperation and assistance."

J.D, Port Director

Cambridge Engineered Die-castings
"Several years ago we installed our first AIRMAX System to eliminate "The Montreal Express" (20 MPH winds blowing through the facility). As you well know, we were apprehensive and put you through the third degree.

AIRMAX not only eliminated our cold drafts, cleaned up our oil mist and smoke problems and gave us a cleaner environment, but it also made us a great deal warmer and reduced our heating bills.

Through the following years we have easily relocated and modified units to adapt to our changing needs."

W. H., Treasurer

Joseph Foster
"Just a few lines to let you know how pleased we are with the AIRMAX Heat Recover Units in part of our building on North Turner St., Manchester, N.H.

"The comparison of natural gas cost between the southern half of our building and the northern half is truly impressive. During the month of November the cost for gas for the southern half of the building with approximately 12,500 sq. ft. was $1253.00; the cost for gas during the same period for the northern half, approximately 12,500 sq. ft. using AIRMAX units was $528.00 or less than half.

"Not only is there an energy savings, the livability of the area where the AIRMAX units are used is greatly improved; the elimination of hot and cold spots is very noticeable.

"We plan to have you install AIRMAX units in the southern half of the building within the next 30 days; the payback will be lass than one year."


Quirk Automotive Group
"Just a brief note to let you know how pleased we are with the AIRMAX systems you recently installed in our three auto dealerships.

"As you know, the situation at our Ford store before the installation was particularly bad with the air being very heavy with fumes. That is now totally cleaned up, and all our employees have commented on the air quality and the even heat. We have also seen almost a 40% decrease in our heating costs at all places.

"Thanks again for your help in providing a safer, cleaner and healthier environment for our employees, and of course, saving me some money."

D.J.Q., President

"The system was activated early in June of 1995 and provided much needed relief from the heat in our metal building. There were many nights during June when the system was shut down as the employees thought that it was too cold. During the 98°F days of August, working in the mill was actually tolerable. During the same type weather in August 1994, we had several employees suffer heat exhaustion. The system really works!"

J.J.L., Sr., Operations Manager

Orbit Plastics
"...The problems we had encountered with excess heat buildup, fumes from hot plastic, solvents and adhesives are significantly reduced. The system successfully corrected the negative air pressure in our building and greatly improved our air quality."

T.F., Operations Manager

PC Connection Services
"Just a quick letter to thank you for the installation of the AIRMAX system at our Ohio distribution center. The system continues to operate reliably month after month.

"Since the system has been installed, we have realized must improved indoor air quality. The staff has commented on the benefits of constant air flow and it's cooling effects during hot weather. Since the cold weather arrived, we have been running the system in the re-circulating mode. We have benefited from the system's ability to maintain building heat and evenly distribute the warm air throughout the facility. This has resulted in substantial reductions in heating costs.

"Two other benefits we have realized, but had not anticipated, are the near elimination of accumulated dust within the warehouse areas and the reduction of employee sick days. I believe that the reduction in dust levels has reduced allergy symptoms experienced by some employees. Additionally, the uniform temperature within the facility seems to have helped to reduce the incidents of employee illness and fatigue.

"Overall we are very happy with the AIRMAX system and continue with our intention for its deployment at other similar facilities. "

P.F.B., CPP, Sr. Manager, Safety & Security

Montgomery Wire Corporation
"In March, before AIRMAX, the temperature on the floor was over 100 degrees and very humid.

"I am happy to inform you that the 12 units you installed in our facility are working very nicely. The quality of the air is excellent and the temperature in the factory is nearly the same as outside.

"The facility now has over-pressure and all the under-pressure problems are gone."


Mid-State Machine Products, Inc.
"AIRMAX helps keep our working air up to 20° cooler than pre-AIRMAX air temperatures..."

D.R.L., Safety & Environmental Engineer

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