Benefits of AIRMAX Fabric Ducting and Industrial Ventilation

Fast installation times. Inexpensive compared to traditional metal HVAC. Lower energy costs. Cleaner air. Comfortable employees.

Does your building suffer from negative pressure? Is your facility temperature constantly fluctuating?

The AIRMAX system is specifically designed for your application. The exact length of the ducting runs, the size and placement of the air discharge ports are all engineered to maximize the effect of the AIRMAX installation. AIRMAX will make a field visit to gather all the pertinent information to design and fabricate a system specifically for your building. Every unit is designed to work in concert with the other units to maximize the heat recovery in all of the manufacturing & warehouse areas.



Negative pressure causes 90% of clean and/or treated air to be lost through roof fan exhaust systems.

Almost every building suffers from negative pressure which is created by exhaust fans. This negative pressure has very expensive consequences and also makes for a less comfortable work environment:

  • Heated air vented by roof fans
  • Temperature stratification causes hot and cold spots
  • Windows are drafty
  • Dust and fumes are exacerbated


Benefits of Choosing AIRMAX

The AIRMAX air distribution and ventilation systems use fabric ducting to create a system that is superior to conventional HVAC systems. Our systems are better for your building facility, better for your employees, and for the environment and also better for production rates and the quality of your product. Here are just a few reasons to choose AIRMAX:

Saves money - easy on the budget.

Quick to install.

ROI (Return on Investment) in two years or less is common.

Efficient for high or open frame ceilings

Will not corrode like metal duct work does

Fire retardant polyolefin material

Reduced dust and particulates; clean air, products & equipment.

Mitigation of air currents and wind tunnels.

Employees will breathe easier.

Productivity increases attributed to better working conditions.

Comfortable and healthier work environment.

employee-satisfaction-work-environment Employees have been known to give management a round of applause once the AIRMAX ventilation system is installed!

HVAC Contractors will be able to earn more bids by saving their customers money with the use of these flexible, lightweight, fire retardant polyolefin AIRMAX ducts.

Your facility needs the AIRMAX fabric ducting and ventilation system.

By using the basic principles of air pressure and the physical laws of nature, air distribution and ventilation control problems are easily solved by AIRMAX.

Conventional HVAC systems are inefficient at controlling air distribution and are not the best solutions for buildings that may have a lot of moisture (pools in health clubs or water parks for example) as metal corrodes. The AIRMAX ventilation system, with its flexible fabric ducting, distributes air evenly throughout the building. This gives you much greater control over the distribution air and the fabric ducting is not at risk of corrosion.

In fact a study completed by mechanical engineers at Iowa State University compared the efficiency of conventional HVAC systems to fabric systems and found that

"[The results conclusively show that] fabric ducting systems are superior to the conventional systems in terms of efficiency. Observations from the data show that fabric ducting systems heat the room faster, more uniformly, and more efficiently. The increase in performance demonstrates the potential benefits of moving away from conventional systems to fabric systems for the construction of green buildings: particularly in conjunction with adaptive control systems."

Thermal comparison between ceiling diffusers and fabric ductwork diffusers for green buildings. Anthony Fontanini, Michael G.Olsen, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

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AIRMAX Fabric Ducting and Industrial Air Ventilation Systems
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AIRMAX specializes in industrial air quality and ventilation distribution systems. Our fabric ducting and ventilation systems can solve your facility's special indoor environmental needs. Custom designed and installed or "In a Box" install it yourself solutions.