Fabric Air Ducting - Better Than Metal

Easy to Install. Costs Less. Energy Efficient. Saves Money.

AIRMAX Fabric Ducting Is The Solution

Our lightweight fabric ducting provides the perfect alternative to cumbersome conventional metal ductwork. Where ease of installation, weight load, and ease of maintenance are concerns, fabric ducting is your solution. We sell and ship fabric ducting systems which you can install yourself. We also offer professional installation. Check out the variety of features that our fabric ducting has to offer and watch a customer review.

Features of AIRMAX fabric ducting solutions:

  • Lightweight suspension system.
  • Roof load is insignificant.
  • No air balancing needed.
  • Complete air distribution system.
  • Even distribution of air the entire length of the run.
  • All season positive air distribution - summer and winter air needs are taken care of.
  • Lightweight for easy shipping.
  • Affordable and cost effective.

Compare the AIRMAX System to Conventional HVAC Systems

Easy Maintenance - Fabric air ducts will not dent, rust, rot or corrode.

AIRMAX Fabric Ducting

  • Lightweight Suspension System.
  • Complete Air Distribution System.
  • Two men can install in a few days.
  • Even distribution of air the entire length of the run.
  • No air balancing needed.
  • One man can install an AIRMAX distribution system.
  • Price: $

Traditional Sheet Metal Ducting

  • Weight: 12,000 lbs.
  • Heavy Duty Suspension Hangers & Supports.
  • Additional Material Needed:
      Diffusers, Splices, Suspension, End Caps, Air Balancing, Directional Louvers, etc.
  • Three men minimum - could install in several weeks.
  • Spot distribution of air the entire length of the run.
  • Air balancing needed.
  • Price: $$$.

AIRMAX has an "Install It Yourself" System too!

It's easy to order fabric ducting systems from AIRMAX. Simply tell us what size and length of fabric ducting you need by calling or filling out our contact form.


Visit our "Install It Yourself" page for more information.

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AIRMAX Fabric Ducting and Industrial Air Ventilation Systems
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AIRMAX specializes in industrial air quality and ventilation distribution systems. Our fabric ducting and ventilation systems can solve your facility's special indoor environmental needs. Custom designed and installed or "In a Box" install it yourself solutions.