AIRMAX Anti-Fungal Ducting Solutions for Grow Rooms

AIRMAX Anti-Fungal Fabric Air Ducting Solutions for Growing Healthy Plants In A Grow Room

Most plants, including cannabis, thrive on moving and circulating fresh air. These elements are needed for healthy plant growth, plant strength and the proper exchange of gases. When plants are growing outside, the need for fresh air and proper air circulation is taken care of by Mother Nature. To successfully grow plants inside, there are a few items that must be setup to create the best environment for optimal growth and health of the plants.

Fabric Ducting - Setting Up An Ideal Grow Room Environment

Growing plants and cannabis indoors requires a proper setup to create an ideal growing environment. You will need to ensure there is fresh air intake and also a way to exhaust gases and stale air. A fan for proper air circulation is also a necessity. If the air in your grow room is still and stagnant, this will encourage the growth of molds and invite pests. Stagnant air in a still environment will also discourage the growth of strong and healthy plants.

AIRMAX fabric ducting is the perfect solution for air quality and distribution problems facing grow rooms, greenhouses and plant growth.


AIRMAX Has Anti-Fungal, Fabric Ducting For Healthy Plants

A fabric ducting system designed and installed by AIRMAX is a cost effective and energy efficient solution for cannabis grow rooms and other plant greenhouses. The benefits and indoor climate improvements of the AIRMAX system include:

  • AIRMAX fabric ducts are naturally anti-fungal due to the material that the ducting is made of.
  • UV protected fabric ducting
  • AIRMAX ducts are lightweight and easily installed in grow rooms and greenhouses.
  • Air is directed downward, or in any direction needed to improve circulation.
  • AIRMAX ducts connect to fan units for exhaust of damaging stagnant air and the ducting also connects to provide fresh air intake.
  • Cost efficient and highly effective.
  • Your plants will grow stronger and will thrive with the proper infusion and circulation of fresh air.

AIRMAX fabric ducting will keep the air in your cannabis or other plant growroom always circulating and always fresh.

Fabric Ducting Solves Air Problems With Growing Plants In A Grow Room

There are many difficulties with growing plants in a grow room or greenhouse. One of the biggest negatives to overcome is maintaining the ideal indoor environment so that plants will thrive. Here are just a few issues that AIRMAX can solve:

  • Lack of fresh air flow.
  • Uneven air flow and circulation.
  • Stagnant air is bad for plants
  • Growth of mold and pest infestation
  • Stagnant air pockets may develop due to imbalance of air temperatures.

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